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The Numatic George GVE370 vacuum cleaner that can work in the wet or dry. The George GVE370 can be used as a standard vacuum cleaner, but he is also suitable for dry vacuuming, wet vacuuming, deep cleaning carpets, cleaning upholstery, scrubbing and drying hard floors, he is suitable for almost anything.

With one pass of his wand, the George GVE370 sprays cleaning solution into the carpet, then vacuums the dirty water back out, removing stubborn stains and ingrained dirt. George cleans upholstery with the same one pass action using the upholstery extraction tool. George can also be used for cleaning hard floors with his reversible sponge hard floor cleaning tool. Simply spray the solution onto the hard floor, use the scrubbing brush to agitate the dirt, then flip the tool over with your foot and vacuum the slurry away. If you want to simply vacuum carpets then remove the solution tank from the drum, fit the dry filter and vacuum away. When it comes using the George GVE370 for dry vacuuming you have big filters, use of HepaFlo dust bags, and you have a superb combination floor nozzle. When using George GVE370 for wet vacuuming, a simple exchange of the dry filter for the safety float valve allows any number of wet tasks to be achieved.

The combination of the twinflo vacuum motor and the powerflo pump system provides you with professional cleaning standards every time. George has a 1060w vacuum motor and 40psi pump. Clean water capacity of 6L and a dirty water capacity of 9L.

Numatic George 3 in 1 Extraction Machine GVE370

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