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The BS360 combines high performance and quality with efficiency and cost savings. The BS360 is easy to maintain, with features like interchangeable brush strips and convenient unblocking access ports, and is designed to be used for long periods of time in comfort. The BS360 can clean a broad range of facilities thanks to its 36cm cleaning head. It can clean flat to the floor, behind furniture, and beneath radiators thanks to its L-shaped head.

The award-winning Sebo BS360 Comfort commercial vacuum cleaner has a new EU-compliant replacement. Cleans from floor to ceiling - Hose with a built-in wand - Warning light when bag is full - Trap door for simple obstruction removal Height Adjustment: 4 Levels - Integrated Hose and Wand - Non-Slip Belt with Electronic Overload Protection 

Key Features

  • 36cm Brush Width
  • Effective and trouble-free operation.
  • All-round cleaning ability.
  • Economic servicing.
  • Durable High cleaning productivity.
  • Electronic guidance for optimum brush height.
  • Changeable brush strip.
  • The housing of strong ABS.
  • Cleans when flat.
  • Hose with the integrated wand.
  • Bag full warning light.
  • Trap door for easy blockage clearing.

SEBO BS360 Upright Vacuum Cleaner 36cm Brush

  • Sebo Vacuum Cleaners: Unleashing Superior Cleaning Performance

    When it comes to commercial cleaning, Sebo vacuum cleaners stand in a league of their own. Designed with performance and durability at their core, Sebo offers a diverse range of vacuum cleaners tailored to various commercial environments such as schools, hotels, and workplaces. Discover a wealth of unique insights and perspectives as we delve into the remarkable cleaning capabilities of Sebo vacuum cleaners.

    • Industry standard machine with over 40 Years of service.
    • Precision built in Germany by Stein & Co. Preferred supplier to hotel groups, hospitals, care homes, schools and local authorities.
    • Powerful and effective vacuuming for larger areas.
    • Built in hose/wand for edge, corner and high level cleaning.
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