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Vorwerk VK135 PureFilta HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Quantity : Pack of 5 bags

Brand: Vorwerk Model: VK135

Quality Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags for your Vorwerk VK135 Vacuum Cleaner The PureFilta HEPA Vacuum Cleaner bag is a superior quality dust bag using multi layer media technology. This incorporates a carbon layer which works to eliminate Odours. The media's special structure filters more fine dust particles offering HEPA 10 filtration performance this reduces allergens and dust particles which can be highly beneficial for Allergy sufferers and homes with Pets. The fantastic dust loading capacity of PureFilta HEPA is 200% better than conventional paper bags and the suction performance of your vacuum cleaner is increased and the useful life of the bag extended

Vorwerk VK135 Kobold Anti Allergy Anti Odour HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5Pk

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